Cracking the Connection Code

In the Fall of 2020,  OCAD University (Toronto, Canada) and Mapúa Univeristy (Manila, Philippines) brought together 20 artists to connect, build community and create 10 experimental and documentary films. The residency, Narratives Through Global Space, recognizes the  essential value that diversity brings to the creation, reception and circulation of creative practices and storytelling.

The film, Cracking the Connection Code, is an experimental and documentary film made in collaboration Daniel Rafael V. Ramos. 


Two artists from across the world get to know each other by connecting photographs from their family albums. The joining of colors, objects and gestures in the images, allow them to come together as an exchange of memories and a celebration of stories carried throughout generations in Canada, India and the Philippines. These intersections emphasize that despite the physical distance separating them, in many ways, they are closer than they appear.

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